If clutter is in your way of achieving your dreams, there are two things that will help solve your problem.

You can get hands-on home decluttering and organizing assistance from a trained iQuitClutter Professional Organizer or you can empower yourself to tackle your space. In both cases, iQuitClutter is dedicated to help you make a positive change in your life.


Free Consultation

  1-hour in person meeting
  Needs assessment
  Service recommendation

JPY 29,800

Kick-start Session

  4-Hours hands on assistance
  Clarify goals & visualize dreams
  Identify roadblocks and receive practical solutions
  Specialist support with starting a home organizing project
  Visible results in a small area of your home

JPY 144,000

Extreme Makeover

•  20 Hours hands on assistance
•  Clarify goals & visualize dreams
•  Identify roadblocks and receive practical solutions
•  Specialist support and guidance throughout the home organizing project
•  Visible results in a large area of your home
•  Recommendations on what to do with items you no longer need
 Reshaping of habits to easily maintain a tidy home
 Answers to all your organizing questions
 Homework in between sessions (optional)
 Before and after pictures (optional)


Do you prefer to do the work yourself, but need some guidance to get started? Come to one of my workshops and empower yourself to simplify your life.

Virtual Organizing

Do you live remote or outside of Japan? The Virtual Organizing session might be right for you.

•  1-hour Skype call with a Professional Organizer
•  Professional guidance on where to start and how to proceed
•  Tips on where to place items so you can easily find and return them
•  Transference of organizing and decluttering skills and techniques
•  Answers to your questions (also via email)
•  Homework in between session (optional)
•  Accountability and support throughout the project
•  20% discount if a minimum of 15 one-hour sessions are booked

JPY 6,500 per hour

Before & After