Why Keep Clothes You Never Wear?

Do you have an overstuffed wardrobe but still feel you have nothing to wear? Are you always running late because you can never find the things you need. Do you get out the door wearing things that aren’t comfortable at all. Isn’t it stressful to live like this?


Imagine you could easily get dressed in the morning, only wear things that make you feel fantastic and look great and even save money at the same time? Luckily it is not hard to create a pretty wardrobe.

But please don’t start decluttering right away. I am sure you tried to tackle your wardrobe before and got rid of a whole bunch of clothes, only to find that a few weeks later your room looked messy again.

If you want a lasting result, you need to step back and look inside yourself. Be honest.

What is the reason for your stuffed wardrobe and why is it so hard for you to let go of some of your clothes?


You might need it someday
I’ll lose weight and fit into it eventually. I keep these jeans in case I need ‘old clothes’ when painting my room. Yes, there are many reasons to keep clothes in case you need it one day. But how wonderful would it be if you really finally reached your ideal weight? Wouldn’t it be appropriate to reward yourself with a new pair of sexy jeans. You worked so hard to achieve this. And honestly, how often do you repaint your room? I agree, if this is a task you are going to complete within the next 3 months you can keep the old pair of jeans. Wear it and use it now, or let it go.

You spent money on it
The jacket cost you $300, and it was even on sale down from $500. You only wore it once because you are not really you when you wear it, but it’s too good to give away. I fully understand the reasoning but think about how you feel when you see that expensive jacket on a hanger in your wardrobe and know you wasted money. Do you really want to be reminded of that every day? So you decided to pay lots of money and at the same time feel bad about it every day. We all make mistakes. Don’t let that haunt you daily. Sell it online, give it to a friend that loves it and feel good about it.

Your grandma knitted you a sweater for Christmas years ago but you never wore it. Still, you feel that throwing away the sweater means that you do not appreciate all the work she put in to it. Not wearing it, makes you feel bad. Remember your grandma loved knitting it for you at the time she did that. And she would never want you to feel bad when you see the sweater each time you open your closet door. It is time to let it go.

You have sentimental attachment
This was the dress you wore at your sister’s wedding. You have no other parties coming up where you can wear it again, but it does remind you of the wonderful day. Of course, you can keep it if it doesn’t take up valuable space in your wardrobe. Did anyone make a photo of you wearing the stunning dress? Let go of the dress to create valuable space for other pretty items you wear every day.

It reminds you of the person you used to be
Just over 10 years ago you wore that skirt to every party you went to. It looked great on you and your life was worry free and full of parties. Now, you’re a mum, have more worries and less parties and feel that the skirt is too short for your age. Yes, I exactly know that feeling. I almost turn 43. Time flies, especially when you have kids or have a busy job. It is good to look back to that great part of your life, but you also need to move on. Let go of the skirt, but keep the memory and move on to make the most of your life now.

You save items for family members
If you have a younger sister it might sound logical to pass your clothes on to her. But think about this. When you both lived at home with your parents, she most likely already had to wear everything that no longer fitted you. She hardly ever got anything new. How did that make her feel? Another thing to remember is that you pass on your unwanted stuff to her. She might say ‘thanks’ out of politeness but now she has to find a place to store it. Getting rid of it is no option, because you so kindly gave it to her. If you save items for family members who do not want to have your items, then why save it for them? Donate it to the Salvation Army or a Woman Refuge and know you have done the right thing.

You don’t really know how to wear it, or with what
We only wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. And mostly, we wear those items that we see and know how to pair. We all have a shirt or cardigan that doesn’t really go with anything we own but we bought it because it’s so pretty. Next time when you go shopping try to find clothes that go with it. Better even, ask your friend what she would combine it with. She might have ideas you didn’t think off. If the items just doesn’t go with anything due to its colour or material (that does happen!), let it go.

You don’t know where or how to start decluttering
Decluttering can be a daunting task, especially if there are many spaces that need to be tackled. Just pick one small area (for example one shelf or one drawer) to start, don’t worry about the rest. And it can be boring to do alone. Ask a friend to help you and keep you accountable, and help you friend in return. Reward yourself once you are done. Read here which questions you should ask yourself for easy decision making.

Happiness is a choice. Get rid of the things that make you feel bad and be the best you can be every single day!