Your Less and More Of 2018

The past year went so quick; it scares me. I have many dreams and wishes for the year ahead and there is limited time. If I want to feel good about 2018, I have to FOCUS on what I want to do MORE of and what needs my attention LESS.

What I definitely want LESS of is wasting time. This has been on my list for many years now. Decluttering is one of the best ways to save time; less stuff is less organizing and tidying. But since I do not have much clutter, I choose another fast way to free up time; I took a social media detox.

I started on the first day of my holiday and I have to say the detox was challenging at times when my husband mentioned someone tagged me in a memory or mentioned my name in a comment. It also felt quite lonely to be the only one not checking my phone at times when others did, but I was strong. The feeling of being in control and not having to check my phone all the time was liberating and kept me going. And I am sure I have not missed anything important; gossip travels fast so it would have reached me through other ways for sure.

On my flight back to Tokyo I read in a magazine that people who spend less on social media, feel more content with their daily life. And isn’t that what we all dream off?

According to my favorite book of 2017 “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long And Happy Life” being part of a community that you can rely on is one of the secrets to a long and happy life. In 2018 I will connect MORE with family and friends, and be truly present when spending time with them.

On the last day of 2017 I wrote my LESS and MORE new years resolutions on a piece of paper. And so did my 13-year-old daughter. We shared our goals and will now keep each other accountable. One of our dreams is going on a trip together, and now that I have written that on paper and shared it with you, I know it will happen.

For 2018 I hope you can focus on your personal MORE and LESS to enjoy a fulfilling and happy year.