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You could feel Nathalie-san’s warmth and personality in her talk and in her presentation which was a great learning experience for me. Time just flew by.

This was very special and time well spent to take your workshop, and also very happy that I met you Brantsma-san! I read the “Kon Mari “teacher book, and I tidied up my house a little. Face to face workshop is much more influential to organize my wardrobe, home and my life! Thank you very much for giving such a wonderful workshop Brantsma-san!

I enjoyed all parts as it was a very balanced presentation starting with theory, followed by tips we can actually use, and finishing with visual demonstration. The parts where you talked about the reasons and effects of why people become overwhelmed with clutter were very interesting to me as it lets us know how we can prevent the kind of stress we feel with too much clutter and try to change for the better. I think we all know what we need to do to de-clutter, but we often don’t know how to get there. Your presentation was very visual and colorful which made it very easy and enjoyable to follow, and you actually made me feel excited and motivated to de-clutter my closet!

The part of “Declutter your wardrobe and dress for success” was very exciting to see. Watching the clean-up process made me feel so good. I also like the before-and-after photos at the beginning of the workshop. The photos showed a dramatic difference in clutter reduction and increased my motivation. All of the information was very useful and interesting.

The training session made me understand that organizing our house and working place will change our lives to be more simple and comfortable, so that strongly motivated me to follow this advice (Personality of Nathalie san with natural and generous beauty is fascinating above all!)

I am pleased to say that I have just completed Nathalie’s ‘i quit clutter’ classes.  A friend suggested that we do the classes together and I did wonder what we would cover in 10 hours.  I found the whole course extremely valuable and I am really feeling so much more organised in all areas of my life.  There was so much information offered and many tips and tricks were suggested for organising everything – wardrobe, kitchen, emails, reminders, paperwork, diary and much more. I would love to spend more time learning about this topic with Nathalie.

I’m always grateful of your services you instilled into my office which helped me unclutter my mindset.

Thank you so much for our fun session. I could see, probably for the 1st time, that our humble things can look lovely when organised the right way.

I was drowning in paper work, my head felt very confused, I was surviving on minute by minutes “things to do”. My office is a very busy area with a lot of traffic coming thru from 5 different people in the house. Paper everywhere, no systems in place, clutter that has been there a while, mostly not even necessary to be there anymore.
I asked Natahlie to help me, and within 4 hours of methodical assessment and sorting, planning and creating boundaries and simple systems, I finally feel I have a very useful place to do my work again. I am now able to focus on task at hand, be a lot more productive and feel a lot more relaxed. The best thing about it is I am staring to get other areas sorted around the house since being given some tips on how to.I would highly recommend Nathalie for anyone who might be going thru the same situation, she can definitely help.

I’m loving all the space in the cupboards and keep looking inside.  I felt so good after clearing out all that paper, I was on a high all day.  Thank you again.

Thanks so much for your excellent work today and prior – I’m thrilled with the result and am feeling quite inspired to get on and do plenty more sorting out myself.

Nathalie is a lady with a special gift. Her personality made it easy to trust her with the heaps of paper I was able to produce. Of course it is embarrassing to let somebody else go into your ‘private’ paperwork and things, but she took me by the hand and paved the path for me. I can highly recommend working with Nathalie; it definitely makes life easier. I spend less time searching and am far more productive!

Nathalie helped me turn a cluttered room into lovely space in a matter of hours. I initially felt embarrassed to ask for help with my chaos but I am very pleased I finally did. Nathalie is very professional without being invasive and simply helped me get the job done! This is a huge relief, I feel much better about my home and no longer spend hours searching for items I know I have but just can’t find.

Thanks Nathalie.

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