Quit Clutter Essentials – The Master Calendar

To maintain a well-run household I highly recommend you create a Master Calendar. Use a large wall-sized calendar or the digital one on your desktop. Whichever you prefer, stick to only one master list to avoid confusion.

The calendar will help you (and your family) stay informed about upcoming events and important deadlines. I recommend a 1 month layout. Write all important upcoming events and reminders on the calendar, including:

  • birthdays and anniversaries
  • family events (doctor appointments or social events like having friends over for dinner, ect.)
  • work events (business trips and dinners)
  • school events (meetings, parties, special days, holidays, etc.)
  • homework deadlines and test dates
  • reminders to pay invoices or return documents
  • reminders to make a phone call or send an email
  • guest arrival or departure dates

The calendar works best if you keep it clutter-free; only write deadline-driven items on it. Reminders or action items that have no specific end date go on your (digital or paper) to do list.

Place the calendar in a highly visible space, for example in the kitchen.