3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

Some people have a lot of misconceptions about the term “professional organization.” Many people think that organizing is something that everyone should be capable of doing on their own; as if it is something as basic as tying your own shoelaces. However, just as there are professionals who help us in various other areas of our lives (e.g. investments, real estate, taxes, etc.), there are those who are especially gifted at helping others declutter their homes and help to implement a workable system to stay organized.

iQuitClutter helps those of us that are too tired, too busy, or too stressed to deal with the everyday clutter that accumulates in our homes and interferes with the serenity in our lives. Nathalie Brantsma is a trained, skilled specialists that provides an objective, experienced opinion where it is needed. There is so much more to being a Professional Organizer than simply separating items into “save,” “rubbish,” or “donate” piles and running off with your credit card to buy shelving and storage units.

“Here are The Top Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer”

“1. More Resources”

Professional Organizer’s (PO’s) will have more contacts in various industries than the average person. They will be in contact with movers, painters, consignment stores, contractors, art appraisers, (the list could go on ad infinitum). iQuitClutter will be able to advise you on whether to trade, donate, recycle, or sell your excess items.

“2. Set it Up Right the First Time”

PO’s don’t just help people who are already in a state of panic. Oftentimes they will be called in to help proactive people design a system that works. Small business owners who work from home may want an office designed in the most efficient way possible. Going paperless or utilizing small spaces in an efficient manner are generally on the top of the list. New parents may want the extra help of a professional who will know the safest and most effective way to set up nursery.

“3. Long-Term”

Professional Organizers can assist their clients in creating a system in which you will not fall back into old bad habits. It is important to remember that home organisation is less about “stuff” and more about how people interact with the stuff. PO’s are not simply housekeepers; they deal with the more complex aspects of home organization; such as laundry and paperwork routines, and the planning for a large project or longterm support. The objective is not to have your home resemble something out of a design catalogue, while design is certainly a factor, the importance lies in maximizing your available space and allowing the room to get messy. In other words, every home needs to be lived in! The difference is – that mess will be easier and faster to clean up because your Professional Organizer will have ensured that everything has a place to go. So you will longer have stuff things in closets or create more and more junk drawers.

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