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Chronic Disorganization Test – FREE


This fact sheet was developed by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, of which I am a proud member. It contains 21 questions that you can answer with “yes” or “no”. Under the questions you find an explanation of how to calculate your score.


Have you tried to organize your home without success many times? Is the Komari method not working for you? Do you feel defeated and truly believe nothing you do brings more order to your life?

You might suffer from chronic disorganization.

Everyone experiences times when organizing is challenging, for example during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also difficult to stay on top of work when you move to a new home, welcome a baby to the family, or lose lose a loved one. These events generally cause temporary disorganization. After a while you adapt new routines and get back some control over your life.

It’s a different story if disorganization has severely impacted your quality of life on a daily basis. It’s most likely present since childhood or adolescence. Add to this the failed self-help attempts and loss of confidence in a better future and you get an idea what chronic disorganization looks and feels like.

Chronically disorganized people have cluttered living spaces, and often loose items. They have difficulty letting go of items, and need to place items in sight as a reminder to take action. Another common characteristic is that important documents can’t be found, deadlines are missed, projects left unfinished. They also tend to show up late for appointments.

Does this sound like you?

Complete the self-test “Are you Affected by Chronic Disorganization?” to discover what’s going on in your life.