No-Brainer Toss List

Do you have little time but feel you want to get rid of some stuff quickly? Here are some items you really don’t need and can toss immediately.


#1 Books, magazines, and newspapers you never read

Magazines and newspapers you saved but still haven’t read after 3 months can go. If the topic was really of interest you would have read it straight away. Books take up lots of space so why keep them if you know you are never going to read them (again).

#2 Manuals

How often have you consulted a manual in the past 6 months? Did you know most manuals are available to download from the internet. You even save time because it is easier to find the right topic online.

#3 Expired Food

Can you see the back of your pantry? If not, it is very likely you have some expired cans of Mexican beans or dried out nuts. The most important things in life aren’t things; your health is your main priority. Toss expired items and save money by using up the stock in your pantry.

#4 Outdated cosmetics and unused make up

Did you know cosmetics also have an expiry date? Do you recognize the smell of an old lipstick? It is unhealthy to use that on your skin so get rid of it and create space for the things that really make you look and feel good.

#5 CDs you will no longer listen to

Sort out CDs that you don’t like or will no longer listen to (you might prefer Spotify or listen to the radio online). Show your generosity and let you friends select the ones they like or donate them to your local charity.

If you still find it hard to decide to let go of things, you check my blog ’14 Decluttering Questions To Ask Yourself’.

Quit clutter and enjoy life!