KonMari, iQuitClutter is in Town

‘Ojama shimasu’, she says, takes off her shoes and steps onto the elevated floor in the hallway. ‘I will disturb you’ is a polite greeting in Japan when entering a house.

And disturbing she did. Behind her six men appear. They barge inside and bubble wrap my house, label each room, duct tape entries to no go zones (my cats or dog are inside), and bring in 271 boxes. Our shipment from New Zealand has arrived.

Within hours, the house turns into a home with items I specifically selected to ship to Tokyo. They are things I use or love and worthwhile to bring all the way to Japan. Moving is a great opportunity to reduce clutter and neatly organize your new space. Read my previous blog ’14 Decluttering Questions To Ask Yourself’ I help make it easier to decide what to do with your stuff.

In the past 15 years I moved to 7 different countries. I love adventure, exploring new places, meeting people and learning about different cultures. I am also passionate about organising; I know it helps me save time (it reduces housework by 40% according to the American Cleaning Institute). Being organised gives me the spare time I need to do the things I truly love.

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? She is a Japanese organising consultant and author of the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. Now that I live in the land of ‘KonMari’ I am going on an adventure to find new and fun Japanese organising ideas and items that make your life easier. Stay tuned!

Enjoy life!