Declutter, organize and create the home you love.

Life is busy and there are never enough hours in the day to do everything on your list.
Every day you try to control the stuff but it seems like the clutter is cloning itself.
You dream of a calm environment for your family in which they thrive.
You will be happier if your house is in order, but you simply don’t know where to start.

I am Nathalie and I am here to help.

If you feel overwhelmed, find it difficult to tidy,
and don’t know where to start, I am available
for a (free) chat to give you expert advice.

Misconception: Organizing is a talent, some people are born with it.
Fact: Organizing is a skill that anyone can learn; it boils down to a very simple 7 step process.

7 Steps to a clutter-free and organized home:

  1. Understand the deeper reasons why you want to be more organized
  2. Create a clear vision about what you want for yourself
  3. Reflect on your current situation to identify the cause of disorganization
  4. Schedule regular time in your calendar to clear the clutter
  5. Prepare the tools you need
  6. Get to work focussing on small areas and celebrating each success
  7. Daily tidy 15 minutes to create habits that help you stay in control

It is normal to feel overwhelmed looking at all your stuff. Especially decluttering is something most people procrastinate on because they do not know where to start. In my blog I share simple tips to help you get it done.

Less stuff is less organizing, less time wasted searching for items, and less stress.

Owning less is more freedom, more spare time, more saved money and more happiness.

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