Change Your Thoughts and Feel Empowered to Get Organized

After summer, when I returned from Europe to Tokyo, I stayed 3 days in a quarantine hotel followed by 11 days in-home isolation. I had to keep my phone on me to promptly respond to phone calls to check my location, and every morning I completed a health report.

Yes, these government requirements can be seen as intrusion on my private life but if I start thinking about that, I feel resistance and anger come up inside me. 

Instead, I choose to think something that makes me feel good.

The rules are here to keep me, my family and friends, the country and the world safe from corona. This thought made it easier for me to stick to the rules and get through the 14 days.

Thoughts create feelings and feelings drive actions.

It’s the same with home organizing. If you think, “I don’t like organizing” you feel demotivated and don’t give it a try. 

If you want to get organized because you want to feel relaxed at home, be more productive, have friends over or simply get rid of the feeling of overwhelm create a thought that you believe and gives you positive energy.

Thoughts are optional, you get to choose what you want to think. 


For example:

“I can sort the magazines and get rid of some I don’t need.”

“I can spend 15 minutes putting things back where they came from.”

“I can fill a bag with clothes my kids no longer wear.”


Is that thought true for you, do you believe it? How does that make you feel?

Changing your thoughts isn't easy; it requires conscious effort.

The first step is becoming aware of your thoughts and how they make you feel.

Help yourself think and feel better,
take back control and
create the life you want.