9 Ways to Save Money on Your Wardrobe

“I can’t declutter that, it was expensive and I haven’t worn it yet.” It sounds like you paid for clothes you don’t need. And now you can’t let go of it because it cost money. Sounds familiar?

The wardrobe is one of the hardest areas to declutter and organize. Having spent money on an item that hasn’t been used is a big reason for many people to hold on to it.

Here are 9 ideas on how to avoid spending money on clothes that you do not really need.

#1 Upcycle your clothes

Cut the sleeves off a shirt, make those favorite jeans into summer shorts, or take up that dress that you never wear anymore. You’d be surprised how that item you stopped wearing becomes your favorite!

#2 Only buy items you can mix and match

Have your basics in your wardrobe and buy a few “on trend” items each season, that will go with those basics. If you buy lots of on trend items, you will be spending money on items that you potentially will not wear the following season.

#3 Wear timeless clothing

This is always important in any wardrobe! That little black dress that never goes out of season and those high waisted pants that are always in fashion. Great staples to have.

#4 Only buy practical items

If you are like me and you don’t like hand washing or ironing, stay away from those items of clothing that require this. Look for dry clean tags as well – can be a hassle especially if it is an item that you will wear often.

#5 Only buy what you can pay for

Credit cards are great when booking air flights and such, but remember that they have very high interest rates so you are always paying more for an item than you think you are. And don’t be fooled by a 50% discount; items are 100% off if you do not buy it.

#6 Visit or organize a clothes swap

Not only a fun night with your friends but also an awesome opportunity to give away those items that you don’t love and wear anymore, to someone else who will and vice versa. For info on clothes swaps in Tokyo click here.

#7 Shop around

You don’t have to buy everything from a boutique. Mix it up with clothing you love from recycle boutiques and thrift stores (SecondStreet, Chicago, BookOff) and your favorite staple stores, such as UNIQLO, H&M, Muji, etc.

#8 Shop for the life you have now

We are always changing as people and our situation changes throughout our lives too. Be honest with who you are now, not who you once were. Clothes that do not fit with your values and lifestyle only add to the clutter in your wardrobe.

#9 Know your colours

In the end we all like to wear clothes that make us feel good. Discover what colours best suit your skin tone, hair and eyes. You can shop smart when you know your signature colours, and decluttering is easier (you are not keeping that shirt that makes you look pale and sick do you?). Items that do not flatter you, can be dropped off at the next local clothes swap.

Are you ready to take action and discard the clothes that you no longer need, then download the free resource “Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering” to support you with the decision-making.