5 Tips to Stay on Top of Work in Stressful Times

“What tips can you give mums who need to stay on top of their household and office work, while the kids are home?“ This is what Grace, a China Global Television Network (CGTN) correspondent, asked me during an interview.

She believes now is a good time to spring clean your home, and get some productivity hacks in place to reclaim a feeling of control.

Here are 5 things you can do get work done and feel good about it.

1. Lower your expectations.

Times like these throw us off guard, stress levels are up and we can’t think as clear as usual. Aim for organized enough.

2. Use a checklist for routine tasks.

Delegate some work to the kids. Ticking things off your to-do-list give you a feeling of accomplishment. Download a free Daily Household Routine checklist here.

3. Do a brain-dump.

Make a list of everything that’s on your mind. Taking it out of your head, putting it somewhere on paper, clears up mental space. Set a date and time in your calendar to review the list and decide if anything needs to be transferred to your Master To-Do-list for further action.

4. Commit to a daily 15-minute declutter.

Get a basket, set the timer and collect items you no longer need. Small actions have a big impact. Involve the kids by making it a game. Agree beforehand what kind of items can go (broken, outgrown, etc). The person who collects the most things, gets a reward. No gift of course, but let him/her decide what’s for dinner tonight, what game to play, or allow extra screen time.

5. Talk about your feelings.

Connect with others online, express your feelings. It’s okay to feel sad and fearful, let it out. It helps.

Hang in there everyone, I am thinking of you!

Stay safe!