5 Tips to Control Your Stuff in 2020

Do you feel like clutter is cloning itself?

Sometimes it seems like stuff comes out of nowhere; you just tidied up your bedroom and a day later clothes seem to crawl out of your closet and the kids bedroom is an obstacle course.

Here are 5 ways to once and for all reclaim control over your stuff.

1. Analyze where your clutter comes from

The first and most important step is to take an honest look at where your clutter comes from. Once you know what causes the clutter in your life, you can put a stop to it. Here are some questions to consider.

  • Do you often receive gifts from friends or family members?
  • Do you shop (online) when feeling stressed and buy items you really don’t need?
  • Do you tidy up after yourself when done cooking or working on your favorite art project?
  • What kind of items do your household members bring into the home?
  • Do you have clear boundaries on what can be brought in?


You can’t fix if you don’t know what is broken.
Julie morgenstern, author

2. Discover your ‘why’

Often, when people feel overwhelmed by their long to-do-list, household tasks or piled up papers, they start decluttering in a knee-jerk reaction hoping to create calm in their head and space. Often the opposite happens; they end up leaving a bigger mess.

Getting organized is not something you do in an hour but it is hard to stay motivated for a longer time.

Due to the feeling of lack of time we neglect thinking about our actions and we sacrifice our values, principles and ethics.

What is your passion, what are your values? What is it that you truly want out of life and is your stuff blocking the road to get there?
Make a dream board or vision board and find out what motivates you to declutter and get organized. Get a magazine and cut out pictures and words that describe your dream home and dream life. Place the vision board where you see it daily to stay motivated to create the life you want.
Go to my Pinterest page for vision board inspiration.

3. Declutter

Start in a room where you spend most of your time or where you can easily make a quick difference. Seeing progress will keep you going.
Sort your items in different boxes: keep, sell, donate or trash. To make a decision ask yourself: Does this thing really add value to my life? Check this free handout with more helpful decluttering questions.

4. Give like-items a home

Store items together per category to easily find what you need when you need it.
Next place the items where you use then most or where you would automatically go and look for them. For example, pots and pans near the stove, paperwork near your computer, DVD’s near the TV.

5. Commit to a daily 10-minute tidy up

Keep your space free of clutter by dedicating 10 minutes a day to returning items to where they belong. Make this part of your bedtime routine and feel fresh and calm when you wake up the next day in calm en energizing environment.

Clearing the clutter from your life helps you focus on important things in life (which usually aren’t things).

Make life easier!