5 Essential Steps to Organize Anything

Did you know organizing requires a systematic approach
in order to get lasting results?

There are 5 basic steps to organizing any area of your home.

Whether you want to tidy up a kitchen cabinet, closet drawer or the bedroom wardrobe, there are 5 simple steps you need to follow to get the work done properly and effectively.

Where to start

Start in the area that bothers you most or where you can get easy immediate results. It is best to start with a small area, like one cupboard or drawer. Follow the steps as outlined in the infographic.

After you experienced success with organizing a small area, you can use the same strategy in bigger spaces as well.

When I help clients organize their home, I follow the exact same steps.

We first make bigger mess, because ALL items need to be taken out of the drawers and cabinets. Therefore, I always work in time slots of minimum3 hours; together we can get a lot of work done and the goal is to get visible results.

For long term results it is important to

… review each and every item you own.
… make a conscious decision if you want the item to take up space in your home.
… organize every room, closet, cabinet, drawer, basket and area where items are stored.
… find a home for your belongings where YOU can easily find it.
… build helpful habits to keep your space tidy.

The visible transformation is the reward my clients get for their hard work
and this keeps them motivated to tackle other area’s off their home as well.


Download this Handbag Declutter Challenge to practice the 5 organizing steps.